Nature Bats Last, or, How Much Fun Can We Have While We’re Trying to Save Our Planet?


On Saturday, May 24th, the Third Anti-GMO Rally was held at Reid Park in Tucson. About three hundred souls, aged from seventy-plus to
recently-born, marched from Reid Park at 22nd Street and Country Club,
to 22nd Street and Randolph Way, with signs and positive energy and songs.

On the way back, we crossed to the south side of 22nd Street near a
McDonald’s station. Without entering the McDonald’s property we stopped and chanted, “No More Pink Slime; No More FrankenBurgers!” This caused much “Oh My, Oh My” consternation from the McD’s employees. Overwhelmed by their overreaction, their phones came out.

We moved on, and crossed to the North side of 22nd Street, with the
Tucson Police Department blocking traffic both ways. (Thank You TPD!)
One of our marchers only made it as far as the median (his choice.) The police checked his ID, and then stopped traffic again to allow him to safely cross the rest of the way.

So we peacefully marched for Mother Nature and for our future. While a
few people at the McDonald’s station were calling for help, (where was
the threat? only in their heads?) the Tucson Police Department were
helping to keep us safe. Isn’t irony wonderful?

Peace, Justice, and No More G.M.O.s!

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