2 thoughts on “The Fickle Fecal Follies”

  1. While this video has been produced by very decent people with the best of intentions, it is the wrong approach to helping the homeless, and the 99 percent more generally.

    What the homeless need and and what Occupy should be demanding is government supported housing, decent paying jobs (for those who can work), and social services (especially for those who cannot work). This would not only be more humane, it would also be cheaper to the public than dealing forever with the effects of homelessness. The objective of Occupy should be to help the homeless by seeking to abolish homelessness.

    What is recommended in this video is the “right” of homeless people to remain homeless, but with the associated right to use public restrooms and relieve themselves in parks. This is the wrong approach. It will not help the homeless in the long run, and it will interfere with the rights of the rest of the 99 percent who have children and wish to use the parks and public libraries themselves.

    The makers of the video seem to be proposing a form of “homeless rights” to enable urban camping on a permanent basis. This will not work and will alienate virtually everyone; it also will discredit the whole idea of protest more generally. What Occupy should be doing is working to provide the homeless with real homes and to change government policy to make this possible.

    David N. Gibbs

  2. Thanks, David, for your thoughts.

    Occupy Tucson continues to work for adequate housing for everyone, but in our endeavors we have encountered some of the “houseless” who are not interested in traditional stick or brick residential enclosures.

    Everyone needs to evacuate their bowels, though. And the City needs to meet the needs of the people.

    We’re now into the fifth year of Occupy Tucson. Support has fallen away, but we keep plugging along despite very limited resources. We still hold our general assemblies every Saturday morning at 10 am in the Global Justice Center, 225 E 26th Street, Tucson, AZ 85733 – all are welcome to come and add their ideas and their efforts to transforming the status quo into something that serves us all better.


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