The good news? Local Green Party gets media coverage. The bad news? It wasn’t local media.

The Arizona Daily Star‘s lack of coverage of the local Green Party candidates certainly reached the lowest of all possible low points when, in their list of candidate endorsements and races published in their Sunday, October 8th edition, they labeled the Legislative District 3 House race as being “uncontested,” i.e. that in this “choose two candidates” race, only Democrats Sally Ann Gonzales and Macario Saldate were running. The well-honed journalists at the Star had apparently missed the not so small detail that Edward “Trey” Cizek, of the Green Party, was also on the ballot and so the race was in no way “uncontested.” This is especially odd since Cizek is conducting an active campaign. Active enough that it came to the notice of no less a journalistic force than The Guardian (yes, of London), one of the world’s major newspapers. And, two weeks ago, The Guardian came to town, followed Cizek on a morning canvassing run, interviewed him (while also briefly intersecting with an Occupied Tucson Citizen meeting at Revolutionary Grounds), and then put it all up for the world to see on its website:

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