“We Need You!”



Now listen up you filthy occupiers! There ain’t no point in playing them at their own game – they’ll just out-gun us. Instead we’re gonna have to employ non-violent guerrilla tactics of subversive agitation. The enemy will attempt to disable us by capturing our leaders, so we won’t have any! They will try to find weak points in our hierarchy, so we’ll adopt horizontal organisation. And they will try to demoralise us, so we will need lulz.

It may seem unconventional, but dang it, these are unconventional times, and a wave of autonomous resistance might just take them by surprise. Either way, it’s our only hope.

We live in grave times, soldiers. Greece has already fallen to the imperialist forces, and Spain, Italy and Portugal are in the enemy’s sights. If we don’t act now, soon it could be too late. One thing we have to our advantage is numbers. We outstrip them 99 to 1, and have honour, integrity and solidarity on our side.

So I want to see a movement, people! And I want to see it move! Now march with me…


I don’t know but I’ve been told…. (I don’t know but I’ve been told….)

It’s us who pay when the banks fold… (It’s us who pay when the banks fold….)

We’re the 99 percent…. (We’re the 99 percent….)

Got no health-care; can’t pay rent…. (Got no health-care; can’t pay rent….)

Bailed out the banks and got sold-out….  (Bailed out the banks and got sold-out….)

This is class war; there’s no doubt…. (This is class war; there’s no doubt….)


Whose streets? (Whose streets?)

Your streets! (Your streets!)

My streets! (My streets!)

Our streets! (Our streets!)

Mean streets (mean streets)

Reclaim them streets! (Reclaim them streets!)



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1 thought on ““We Need You!””

  1. Odd that this thread recieved as yet, no comments at all. Similarity or relevance of small unit dynamics, anyone ? We could learn a bit from how a small company operates when bivouacked.

    Also learn a bit about what we are supposed to be doing, by observing closely the spectacular fashion in which otrhers have failed at it :


    Do you object to our Armed Forces being wasted and ruined and defeated ? Do you object to the United States of America being used as a cash cow for the so-called “Global War On Terror” ?

    Well, how VISIBLY do you object ? How EFFECTIVELY do you object ?

    Among those who are on our side, and who are waiting & wishing & hoping that we become better focused and more effective, are that large part of the “99 percent” who know quite well about military procedures and who know quite well about military service. Word of Honor : the objections to torture, and to wastage of blood and treasure, and to dishonorable activities, are quite well known. We would do well to quite trying so desperately to prove that we are not focused. Back to basics : a negative cannot be proven.


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