Tucson arrests of Occupy affiliated activists continue


Though there was no coverage of it in the mainstream Tucson media, arrests of Occupy-affiliated activists continue apace in Tucson. On Wednesday, July 11, Occupy Tucson and Veterans for Peace activist Dave Croteau was charged by the Tucson Police Department with criminal trespass and other charges when he insisted on going onto the sidewalk, on private property, rented by the military recruiting office at 2303 E Speedway Blvd. and inquiring directly of the recruiting officers whether they were informing their potential recruits that one in five women in the military are sexually assaulted and that, on average, one soldier in the U.S. military commits suicide every day.

And Occupied Public Land, a group separate from Occupy Tucson, reports that on Wednesday night, June 27, at around 11 p.m., thirteen protestors were arrested by the TPD for lying on blankets on the side of the sidewalk in front of the Pima Superior Court Building. This happened even though the group states that the protestors were, consistent with Section 11-36.2 of the Tucson City Code, leaving ten feet of the sidewalk free for pedestrians to pass. This action was a follow-up to the action of a week earlier challenging TPD’s alleged mis-enforcement of this statute, which was previously reported on in the Occupied Tucson Citizen.

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