Commentary: Verdict in Nogales Border Patrol Shooting

By Norah Booth The shooting death of 16-year-old Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez on October 10, 2012, was the U.S. Border Patrol’s sixth cross-border killing of an unarmed Mexican citizen. The Mexican government requested, routinely, that the accused be extradited to Mexico for trial. Routinely, the U.S. government denied this request. Would this be the first …

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Student Activists Vindicated by Mexican-American Studies Court Ruling

Picture of statue of Pancho Villa

In what may be a definitive rebuke of racism “in both enactment and enforcement,” U.S. District Judge A. Wallace Tashima ruled last week that the Arizona law prohibiting courses specifically designed for certain ethnic groups is illegal. In 1998, in the face of dismal graduation rates for minority–and especially Hispanic–students, a panel of education experts …

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I Harassed Men

graffiti image with a cat and the words "Cats Against Catcalls"

I wasn’t alone. About ten of us were sitting on the grass outside, facing a Boston street. It just happened. Nothing was planned. We were all dorm mates at a music college summer program, a long way back. We were enjoying the sun and chatting among ourselves. A good-looking guy walked past and the group …

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Proposition 101: Yes or No?

The City of Tucson’s initiative to increase city sales tax by 1/2 per cent over the next five years raised serious issues for me. In principle, I usually oppose sales taxes and increases thereof as regressive taxes that hit poor people, most of whose income is applied to subsistence consumption needs to which sales taxes …

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