Making America Scared Again

After ruminating over the national conventions these past two weeks, I want to comment on the Republicans first. I am disturbed by their peddling of a fantasy that we are living in a post-apocalyptic scenario. The opening day of their convention was themed “Make America Safe Again”, despite the fact that violent crime has been declining …

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American Bestsellers, Jesus, and the Slaughter of All Non-Believers

Book cover for the Left Behind Series

Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, The Left Behind series, Tyndale House Publishers, 1995-2004 There is a trend afoot to lash out violently at the apparent dominance of “cosmopolitan” culture. This was vividly seen in the violent attack in Paris, traditionally a citadel of cosmopolitanism, on the freewheeling, anti-clerical publication Charlie Hebdo. But of course …

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COMMENTARY: No Access, Tucson

Photo by Norah Booth of mural on Access Tucson building. Shadows from the sunset are prominent Spring 2015

Last Saturday evening Access Tucson opened its doors to the public for the last time. The occasion was the bye-­bye bash for a community-­dedicated facility and concept that was the main concession Tucson received for its generous donation of city infrastructure to Cox Cable domination. Today, much of Tucson’s only access to internet is through …

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Napalm Theater Presents: The Information War in Ukraine‏

Photo from German TV Program Die Anstalt

The following is a satirical piece from the German television program Die Anstalt about the media’s managing of the news concerning the war in Ukraine. The fact that media coverage in Germany of the Ukrainian situation appears very similar to our own does not reflect well on German mainstream media. The skit does, however, raise …

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