Trials of a Cat Lady

Picture of a kitten in a cage

Wrenched from a bond with their families, there is a population of animals in Tucson now languishing in cages, awaiting adoption or death. Often the cause is their human companions’ homelessness. I have seen the forlorn eyes and agitated pacing of innocent creatures confined at Pima County Animal Care and The Humane Society. Estrangement from …

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Bear Camp Proposal

The City of Tucson, under the leadership of Council Member Richard Fimbres, has been hosting monthly meetings to address some of the ongoing struggles with providing safe, decent housing for all of us. At the same time, Council Member Karin Uhlich and her staff have been investigating some housing options that are being used in …

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Justice Dept. Squares Off Against Urban Camping Bans

U.S. Department of Justice Flag

Though currently on hold, the Tucson City Council has been for some months now considering an ordinance to ban “urban camping.” The City should, however, tread carefully in how far it goes in this direction, as the Justice Department is weighing in strongly on the issue, as the following press release demonstrates:   Department of …

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Notice of Continued Unconstitutional Conduct

 In this letter directed to the Tucson City Attorney on June 19, 2015, John Cooper of Occupy Public Land continues to defend the right of homeless people to sleep on the sidewalk downtown and continues to call the city to task for depriving the economically disenfranchised of their constitutional rights. For a summary of the …

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