Mary DeCamp Speaks at 3/17/15 Call to the Audience

photograph of Mary DeCamp and a dog named Birdie; a road is in the background

Good evening mayor, council, workers, & audience members. Thank you for sharing your time and attention. I’m Mary DeCamp, a local activist. No permanent residence; more a butterfly approach to landing here and there, sampling the neighborhood nectars, as it were. I’m not paid to speak for anyone, yet I have the audacity to think …

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Tucson Merchants’ Demand is Unconstitutional

photograph of John Cooper speaking at Homelessness forum

Read John Cooper’s full letter to Tucson’s Mayor and Council—Ed The very purpose of a Bill of Rights was to withdraw certain subjects from the vicissitudes of political controversy, to place them beyond the reach of majorities and officials and to establish them as legal principles to be applied by the courts. One’s right to …

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Mr. Mayor, Tear Down These Bars

Picture at sunset of the bars of the fence at the El Rio Golf Course

Mr. Mayor, tear down these bars.  Like Councilperson Romero told us over a year ago she intended to do.  Tear down the bars between the El Rio Neighborhood and the El Rio Golf Course and between the course and Joaquin Murietta Park, let nature and human nature breathe again, let heaven and nature sing without …

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Privatizing Free Speech

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Access Tucson started public access programming in 1984. At one time, Access Tucson was recognized throughout the country as being one of the best community TV stations in the nation. It has been a vehicle for producers to create and air shows for 30 years. Membership is free to Tucson citizens. Shows …

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Privatizing the Old Pueblo

rich, monopoly-man caricature hauling recognizable Tucson icons (Tucson Inn, saguaro cactus, city hall) in a wheelbarrow as he pushes down a ladder with a mother on it as her children look on.

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN The list is long: the Ronstadt Transit Center, Access Tucson, the El Rio Golf Course, the former downtown Greyhound Bus Station, the former YMCA on 5th St., among others. Taken together, they demonstrate a disturbing pattern of the City of Tucson’s desire to sell or lease public land and institutions to private …

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