So What If Teachers Are in It for the Money?

Chicago Teachers Union strike, with Yasmin Nair in foreground. Sign in background reads, "Rahm, fight the violence on our streets--Not us!"

WWW.YASMINNAIR.NET Few things have delighted me more in recent weeks than the sight of so many people, and not all of them teachers, clad in red t-shirts in support of the currently ongoing Chicago Teachers Union strike. All around Chicago, cars and trucks are honking their support as they zip past groups of strikers, like …

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Occupying in Solidarity

Text borders image at the top, "Activate Actuality" and at the bottom "Occupy Everything": Rendered in modern style, female protester with pink hair is holding hands with, to her left, a policeman, and to her right, a soldier. A slew of political causes are referenced with posters in the background and pieces of cardboard on the ground.

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN They descended on downtown parks last fall and winter, drawing hundreds of protest participants. Thousands more poured love and material support into the Occupy encampments. Drawn mostly from local organizations, Occupy Tucson organizers have been tirelessly funneling their efforts back into the groups from where they came. Occupy Tucson was not the …

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Wisconsin’s recall election: an ominous crucible of US politics

Wisconsin Protester holding sign, "I voted for Walker and I'm sorry!"

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN The right threw resources into Scott Walker’s anti-union fight, while the Democratic party stood by. That’s a recipe for defeat Forget the old saw, “All politics is local.” There is a kettle’s worth of tea leaves to read in Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s triumph over Democratic challenger Tom Barrett. The acrimonious 5 …

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