A New Left-Right Alliance?

Black and white, line drawing of four hands holding a circle made of rope. Two words border the top and bottom of the image, "CREATIVE SOLIDARITY"

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN On the 24th of July the U.S. House of Representatives voted on amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill. This amendment if passed would have denied funding for National Security Agency (NSA) programs which have been collecting meta-data on communications between and among United States citizens, including telephone and e-mail traffic. The vote …

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A View from the South: Protests in Peru

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Thousands of Peruvians participated in a popular anti-government protest on July 27th, the day before Peruvian Independence Day, in Lima and also in numerous provincial cities.  They were repressed by national police using tear gas and water cannons, and dozens were arrested.  This was the largest anti-Government protest in Peru for more than a …

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Arizona Eliminating Solar Energy Incentives

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN In 2012 Arizona was second, only behind California, in per capita installations of solar energy in the United States with 710 megawatts of capacity for photovoltaic electricity generation, compared with 275 mW of capacity in 2011. This progress is a result of both utility investment in solar plants and modest incentives that …

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