Is American Education Backing the Wrong Horse? (Yes)

Apple with the words "Occupy Education" written inside it and overflowing with worms.

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN The claims The movement for national standards and tests is based on these claims: (1)  Our educational system is broken, as revealed by US students’ scores on international tests; (2) We must improve education to improve the economy; (3) The way to improve education is to have national standards and national tests …

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CHILE: Another Education Is Possible

AGENCIA LATINOAMERICANA DE INFORMACIÓN — [Español] In the last decade, South America has been the vanguard of the global left. Chile’s student movement is no exception. This article deserves our attention because it is an example of the vision that our own occupations in the US tend to lack—Ed [In Chile] education is highly segmented. …

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CHILE: Otra educación es posible

Movilización estudiantil de 2011 en Chile: marcha del 30 de junio de 2011

AGENCIA LATINOAMERICANA DE INFORMACIÓN — [English] En la última década, sudamérica ha sido la vanguardia de la izquierda global. El movimiento de los estudiantes de Chile no es una excepción. Este artículo merece atención por que es un ejemplo de la visión que nuestras ocupaciónes en los EE. UU.—Ed En Chile, “la educación está fuertemente …

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