Occupy Boot Camp: Reflections From the Road

Occupy Tampa

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN In Jan. 2012 I spent a day and night with the fine folks of Occupy Little Rock, which you can’t miss since the encampment sits right beside Interstate 30. They have a homemade geodesic dome with a wood stove, solar panel array, windmill, and meditation tent. I started driving to Texas after …

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Is American Education Backing the Wrong Horse? (Yes)

Apple with the words "Occupy Education" written inside it and overflowing with worms.

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN The claims The movement for national standards and tests is based on these claims: (1)  Our educational system is broken, as revealed by US students’ scores on international tests; (2) We must improve education to improve the economy; (3) The way to improve education is to have national standards and national tests …

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The ALEC Corporations: Not Necessarily Who You’d Think

Silhouetted figures kick over briefcases as dominoes. Each brief case has a corporate logo or logotype (Walmart, Coca-Cola), but the very first has the ALEC logotype.

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN The American Legislative and Exchange Council’s membership roll makes for interesting reading. While we would expect that the Bank of America, Exxon and the Koch companies are members, we can hardly say the same thing when we come across Amazon, Yahoo and AOL on ALEC’s membership list — ALEC, after all, is …

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Media Consolidation: the Illusion of Choice

Graphic of executive playing puppeteer with a television, newspaper, radio, and camera as the puppets broadcasting information to the (in the graphic literally) little people below

FRUGAL DAD This information and the accompanying graphics come from a larger infographic that can be found at frugaldad.com along with a list of sources.—Ed Media has never been more consolidated. 6 media giants now control a staggering 90% of what we read, watch, or listen to. The Big Six control 70% of your cable. …

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Occupy Obamacare

Protesters demonstrating with large nurse puppet (with huge blue hands) for single-payer healthcare

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN A Few Table Scraps from the Corporations Aren’t Enough I was surprised to see so many people demonstrate in support of the Obama health care plan when the Supreme Court was hearing arguments over its constitutionality a few weeks ago. I was even more surprised at my own concern over the possibility …

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