The Homeless are Green


OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN They mostly ride bikes, take the bus, or walk where they go.  They wear discarded clothing, eat discarded food, in a pinch they smoke discarded tobacco.  Their carbon footprint approaches zero and then goes negative when they begin collecting cans and bottles. Not all will or should ascribe to this lifestyle, but …

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Occupy Homelessness


OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Every year, men, women, and children are arrested for performing basic activities that are essential to life. . There is increasing regulation of the streets, subways, parks, and other public places to restrict the activities that can be performed there. Communities are using the criminal law to cleanse their streets of homeless …

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An Open Letter to the Governor from “Down in the Trenches” of the State’s Mental Health System

Jan Brewer

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN July 2, 2013   Dear Governor Brewer, I am writing in earnest because of the state of the Mental Health system in this, the Great state of Arizona. I am SMI, as well as disabled physically. I have Bi Polar disorder, depression, anger issues and in addition I have a defibrillator in …

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photograph of homeless man sitting on bench, the image has been manipulated so that the man's surroundings are sepia-toned to emphasize the focus on him.

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN They stroll the hot side-walks as the pavement sizzles from the unwavering Sun. Their survival means hope as their bodies undergo never-ending pounding of moving and shuffling to keep from going insane, grief deep as life or thought. We see them often as microscopic, and from a distance a faint light twinkles …