Do the Texas one-percenters rule our nation?

Painting of three men, arm in arm, the man in the middle holding a hammer. The faces of George W Bush, Dick Cheney, and a third are roughly superimposed onto the three men. At the bottom reads, "Oil Men Drill It Deeper"

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN For all the talk of the one percent, there is surprisingly little discussion of exactly who constitutes this privileged group. They are all very rich, to be sure, but there are considerable divisions and differences among them: the Kennedy brothers (JFK, RFK, and Teddy), for example, clearly had different political outlooks and …

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An ambiguous note on Labor Day 2012

Occupy Tucson at the 2012 Labor Day Picnic

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN In Arizona early September is not the best time to have a holiday that demands an outdoor, daytime celebration. But such is life, and so every year on Labor Day organized labor uses its skills and resources to put on an event that celebrates working people and the trade union movement. And …

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The Privilege to Protest

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Hidden Classism and Ableism In anticipation of what could potentially be one of the greatest May Day demonstrations in the recent history of North America, major news outlets reported that police departments everywhere were geared up and prepared for confrontations. Special attention should be paid as to whether there was an unusual …

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