Mining Protests in Bisbee

Occupy Phoenix protesters in Bisbee makin a music video. A guitarist sits cross-legged, 2 protesters stand behind him holding a sign with the word "Occupy", all three protesters are in all white. Two more protesters, not in white, flank them on both sides.

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN On Saturday, December 15, a group of Occupy Phoenix members drove down to Bisbee to take part in protests against the ALEC-affiliated mining company Freeport McMoran, whose pollution of the local groundwater is forcing some Bisbee residents out of their homes. On the way, they also stopped off in Tucson where they …

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Climate Activists Arrested at TEP Plant

Street Theater at the TUCAN Progest

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN PHOTOS BY WILLIAM BEAVER — Three activists were arrested Thursday, October 4, in an action at Tucson Electric Power’s (TEP) Sundt Generating Station at Irvington and Alvernon. It was the first civil disobedience action in the Tucson Climate Action Network’s (TUCAN) escalating campaign to get TEP not only to pledge to stop …

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Climate Activists Demand That TEP Stop Burning Coal

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN On August 9, more than a dozen activists from TUCAN (Tucson Climate Action Network) held a press conference and distributed leaflets in front of Tucson Electric Power’s downtown headquarters to demand that TEP stop burning coal at its Sundt Generating Station. The TUCAN activists carried signs that read “Coal Kills,” “There is …

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Diamond Does the Desert

"Don Diamond, with large red stencil lettering above which reads, 'WANTED'"

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN First in an ongoing series of irreverent profiles on Tucson’s One Percent Net worth: $400 million, as estimated in 2003 by Worth magazine. Business model: Buys a swath of heartbreakingly beautiful desert—preferably abutting an environmentally sensitive area—and spends a decade or so gaming the political system to increase its value. Then, having …

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