Venezuela: Shunned by the Left?

photo of Michael Albert; black background, from the chest up, with a microphone "peaking" out from the bottom of the frame

ZNET   About a month ago I had a discussion with a prominent progressive media publisher. During our chat he told me he thought Z diverse progressive media institutions that aggregate content from around the internet routinely ignore Z content or reprint it only when they can link to it from somewhere other than Z. …

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So What If Teachers Are in It for the Money?

Chicago Teachers Union strike, with Yasmin Nair in foreground. Sign in background reads, "Rahm, fight the violence on our streets--Not us!"

WWW.YASMINNAIR.NET Few things have delighted me more in recent weeks than the sight of so many people, and not all of them teachers, clad in red t-shirts in support of the currently ongoing Chicago Teachers Union strike. All around Chicago, cars and trucks are honking their support as they zip past groups of strikers, like …

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