LA POSADA — A Contemporary Christmas Story

Posada (signifying Inn) is a Christmas tradition in much of the Latin world. Joseph and Mary search for shelter. Mary is about to give birth to Jesus. Shelter is refused several times and finally one house opens its door to the couple. In the Bi-National Migrant Posada Joseph and Mary represent migrants in search of asylum. The …

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South Tucson Betrayed

photo of concerned families in South Tucson standing in front of Mission View Elementary School with school name and mural behind them (22 people, 14 of them children)

OPINION Why are there so many drug rehabilitation facilities in this city? The community of The City of South Tucson, a small incorporated community located within metropolitan Tucson, has been targeted by Pasadera Behavioral Health Network as the next site for its ever expanding quest for government funds. Pasadera plans to bring a drug rehabilitation …

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Arcology and Beethoven

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN My $10 student ticket to the Tucson Symphony Orchestra landed me one of the best seats in the Tucson Music Hall, near the front in the middle at an angle where I could see pianist, Gabriela Martinez, play all the exquisite notes during her parts in Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Emperor” Concerto. The …

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1 out of 3 Bank Tellers in NY on Public Assistance

Closeup of dollar bill

THE REAL NEWS AXT: “This is just the first step at looking at this industry. We have been actively organizing in car washes and supermarkets and in fast food restaurants, but we’ve just turned our attention to the banking industry to see what was going on with workers there and were shocked to discover that …

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Do the Texas one-percenters rule our nation?

Painting of three men, arm in arm, the man in the middle holding a hammer. The faces of George W Bush, Dick Cheney, and a third are roughly superimposed onto the three men. At the bottom reads, "Oil Men Drill It Deeper"

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN For all the talk of the one percent, there is surprisingly little discussion of exactly who constitutes this privileged group. They are all very rich, to be sure, but there are considerable divisions and differences among them: the Kennedy brothers (JFK, RFK, and Teddy), for example, clearly had different political outlooks and …

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