Luddites 3.0

Detail of engraving showing the original Luddites

I. INTENTIONS Technological Progress: have you ever heard of it? Yes, I know, lots of folks have. Marketers have made sure of this. We are bombarded with reports of it every day, by thousands of advertisements. We are told that this year’s new car is “better than” last year’s new car, and many reasons are …

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Consumerism in the USA: A Nation of Junkies?

Picture of a shopping mall parking lot

In the wake of the world economic crisis of 2008 much has been made, both by economists and the American government, of the need for the rest of the world to take up the “burden” of consuming that the United States had been carrying until then. As Barack Obama stated shortly before the 2009 Group …

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It’s OK, You Can Buy Now

SPIRITUALUTION.ORG After 3,000 Americans were killed on 9/11, that painful memory was still fresh and the healing and reparations were still under way when then-President George W. Bush made his famous speech where he encouraged everyone “to go shopping more.” In our profit-driven economy, the big corporations—owned by the 1%—want Americans and the so-called “free …

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