An Open Letter to Senator Bernie Sanders about the War in Ukraine

Picture of Eugene Debs speaking

by Greg Evans   Dear Senator Sanders: I am writing to you because I am quite frankly confused by your absolutist position on the Ukraine War, in which you have stated “Right now, we are in a global struggle between autocracy and democracy, with nothing less than the future of the planet at stake” and …

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Say It Like It Is Instead of What It Isn’t

I’m in favor of that and you should be as well. In this case, what it isn’t is the unemployment rates listed by your and my devious government. Does anyone actually believe—feel in their bones—that the current rate of those without jobs in America is a mere 6.7 percent? That’s what the bean-counters in Washington …

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Contre-Piketty. Askenazy’s “Tous Rentiers” (a review)

On January 15, 2015, my review of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twentieth Century was posted on this site. In that review I highlighted the importance of the documentation of increased inequality among many of the countries of the world as a reflection of the gross concentration of wealth among the one percent, exemplified by …

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LA POSADA — A Contemporary Christmas Story

Posada (signifying Inn) is a Christmas tradition in much of the Latin world. Joseph and Mary search for shelter. Mary is about to give birth to Jesus. Shelter is refused several times and finally one house opens its door to the couple. In the Bi-National Migrant Posada Joseph and Mary represent migrants in search of asylum. The …

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ALERT: Saying “NO” to Monsanto in Pima County

Photo showing Irina Ermakova, a leading scientist at the Russian Academy of Scientists, as she joins the GMO-Free Midwest picket.

Pima County Supervisor Richard Elías is arguing that creating a state-authorized, taxpayer-subsidized “free-trade zone” to bring Monsanto Corporation to Pima County is the wrong kind of economic development for our county not only because of the relatively few people their local operation would employ but also because of their long record of environmental mismanagement and …

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