Diamond Does the Desert (reprise)

Caricature of Don Diamond as a King of Diamonds

[Ed. note: First published in our pages in 2012, we are reprinting this piece in the interests of giving a more rounded assessment of Don Diamond’s legacy than that offered by the Tucson Weekly and Inside Tucson Business, who ran identical articles about him, titled respectively “Requiem for a Heavyweight” and “Mourners laud Don Diamond’s …

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5G Is Coming – It’s Time to Practice Electromagnetic Hygiene

Graphic image of cell towers and cactus

Before she introduced Dr. Magda Havas at the University of Arizona’s College of Public Health on March 27, Elizabeth Kelley of the Electromagnetic Safety Alliance asked the thirty students and interested members of the public in the audience to turn off their phones and laptop computers. A few minutes later, Dr. Havas held up a …

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Will the Amazon Saguaro Survive Rejection?

Close up picture of a saguaro

Sun Corridor Inc., the Tucson region’s main economic development agency, tried to get Amazon’s attention by offering a 21-foot sahuaro to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in Seattle. The gift was declined and regifted to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum” — Arizona Daily Star 10/21/17 Amazon, promising a dowry of 50,000 jobs, is searching for the perfect …

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ALERT: Saying “NO” to Monsanto in Pima County

Photo showing Irina Ermakova, a leading scientist at the Russian Academy of Scientists, as she joins the GMO-Free Midwest picket.

Pima County Supervisor Richard Elías is arguing that creating a state-authorized, taxpayer-subsidized “free-trade zone” to bring Monsanto Corporation to Pima County is the wrong kind of economic development for our county not only because of the relatively few people their local operation would employ but also because of their long record of environmental mismanagement and …

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COMMENTARY: Urban Agriculture is a win-win for Tucson

Dark red background, white text reads: "KEEP CALM AND FARM ON. Support Tucson's proposed Urban Ag zoning changes."

The Tucson Urban Agricultural Zoning Amendment looks solid and well written, with language that leaves it flexible and open to changes as they become needed by growers. I like that it addresses the sale of food to both neighbors and stores/farmer’s markets which is hugely important. I signed a petition for the amendment (below) and …

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