“We Need You!”

Cartoon of "General Assembly" with Anarchist symbol on helmet, solidarity fist on fire extinguisher, and 1% on olympic torch

OCCUPIED TIMES OF LONDON Tennnnnnnnnn-Hut!!! Now listen up you filthy occupiers! There ain’t no point in playing them at their own game – they’ll just out-gun us. Instead we’re gonna have to employ non-violent guerrilla tactics of subversive agitation. The enemy will attempt to disable us by capturing our leaders, so we won’t have any! They …

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Inside the tent of Occupy Tucson

Sketched circle with dot in middle. Text at bottom reads, "OCCUPY WHY. we are one tribe"

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN In this article written in late November of last year, Michael LaFond gives us a brief but systematic overview of the Occupy Tucson encampment as it was at Veinte de Agosto park. The author has also added a short postscript—Ed Generalizing about the people in the Occupy Tucson movement would be foolish, …

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