American Roulette

The gun goes off in about two weeks We can’t guess why? where? or who? It could be you There will be blood terror screams sirens weeping makeshift shrines, funerals the shooter will be alive or dead Media will report nonstopnonstop non s-t-o-p! for a while and then? we will go back to the beginning …

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The ALEC Corporations: Not Necessarily Who You’d Think

Silhouetted figures kick over briefcases as dominoes. Each brief case has a corporate logo or logotype (Walmart, Coca-Cola), but the very first has the ALEC logotype.

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN The American Legislative and Exchange Council’s membership roll makes for interesting reading. While we would expect that the Bank of America, Exxon and the Koch companies are members, we can hardly say the same thing when we come across Amazon, Yahoo and AOL on ALEC’s membership list — ALEC, after all, is …

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