An Overview of Low Income Housing in Tucson

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN There is a spectrum of low income housing in Tucson: Homeless, sleeping in the park, need to move when prompted Homeless, sleeping in the river in a makeshift camp, also may need to move Primavera Men’s Shelter, 90 bunk beds in one room, three month limit Section 8 rental housing, waiting list …

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The Homeless are Green


OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN They mostly ride bikes, take the bus, or walk where they go.  They wear discarded clothing, eat discarded food, in a pinch they smoke discarded tobacco.  Their carbon footprint approaches zero and then goes negative when they begin collecting cans and bottles. Not all will or should ascribe to this lifestyle, but …

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Occupy Homelessness


OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Every year, men, women, and children are arrested for performing basic activities that are essential to life. . There is increasing regulation of the streets, subways, parks, and other public places to restrict the activities that can be performed there. Communities are using the criminal law to cleanse their streets of homeless …

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