The Peace and Dignity Journey in Tucson: some oral recountings

Text: "Peace and Dignity Journey 2012 --- Journey dedicated to Water" over image: a circle stylized into 4 equal parts: white foot on red background, black foot on yellow background, red foot on white background, and yellow foot on black background. To the left of circle is an eagle, to the right is a vulture.

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN On September 12, the 2012 Peace and Dignity Journey arrived in Tucson. The journey is a relay through indigenous communities, starting in Alaska and concluding in Central America, in which the runners are accompanied by small caravans of organizers and supporters; some arrived in Tucson after going down the coast from Alaska …

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A prayerful request to the DJ’s of our new day’s eve party

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Beyond the booty shakin’ and child murderin’ glorification grows strong, fresh talent, slingin’ edifying communication Mainstream media don’t play that, though, neither mass protests poppin’ off all parts of the planet, yo But it’s playin’ all right, it’s playin’ all night, ‘til the wheels fall off and burn, it’s playin’. Listen to …

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Those Left Behind

Black splatter dominates a subtle pattern in the background. In red letters, centered over splatter: "OCCUPY"

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN It is the natural check on intolerance and privilege provided by assembling with all comers in a full out urban encampment that distinguished Occupy Tucson (OT) from the mainstream left/progressive organizing that has dominated the blue political space in the corporate sponsored red/blue show for more than a generation.  All comers include …

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Occupying in Solidarity

Text borders image at the top, "Activate Actuality" and at the bottom "Occupy Everything": Rendered in modern style, female protester with pink hair is holding hands with, to her left, a policeman, and to her right, a soldier. A slew of political causes are referenced with posters in the background and pieces of cardboard on the ground.

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN They descended on downtown parks last fall and winter, drawing hundreds of protest participants. Thousands more poured love and material support into the Occupy encampments. Drawn mostly from local organizations, Occupy Tucson organizers have been tirelessly funneling their efforts back into the groups from where they came. Occupy Tucson was not the …

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