Oakland and the history of Radicaloutionism

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN May 1st, 2012 –- Oakland bay area, home of the Militant radicaloutionists on the front of the revolution. History spells the up-rising of violence in the bay, from the Watts riots of oppression on colored people, to the Berkeley riots igniting on the campuses in the 1960’s. Revolution on the streets isn’t hard …

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May Day 2012

Occupied Tucson Citizen banner. Black background, white text. OCCUPIED in capitalized stencil. "Tucson Citizen" in serif font.

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN On May 1st, 2012, we are creating a new kind of holiday – A People’s Holiday – One that’s not just yet another flavor of consumerism, but is explicitly about imagining a world beyond consumerism. We ask you to do one of two things to commemorate this day. Don’t like what you …

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