Found Poem © DAVID RAY 2013

Large, capitalized, white text, "LEGAL NOTICE" on black background

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN A found poem is a text that is so meaningful, musical, or unique that it can be appropriated, with credit to its original author (if known), by any prowling literateur.  Thus I claim the Public Notice of the Arizona Department of Environmental Qualities (ADEQ) proposal to issue Air Quality Control Permit no. …

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Mining Protests in Bisbee

Occupy Phoenix protesters in Bisbee makin a music video. A guitarist sits cross-legged, 2 protesters stand behind him holding a sign with the word "Occupy", all three protesters are in all white. Two more protesters, not in white, flank them on both sides.

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN On Saturday, December 15, a group of Occupy Phoenix members drove down to Bisbee to take part in protests against the ALEC-affiliated mining company Freeport McMoran, whose pollution of the local groundwater is forcing some Bisbee residents out of their homes. On the way, they also stopped off in Tucson where they …

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Miners’ protest revives anti-austerity movement in Spain

Miners in Spain protesting

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN? The struggle against austerity policies and the undermining of civil rights in Spain continues, and it is gaining strength. In the past month, Spanish miners have joined the efforts of other workers in other sectors, including education and health care, marking a new turning point: They have the support of most of …

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