Politically Non-Political: The 10th Anniversary of Occupy Tucson (Some Reflections)

Photo from an Occupy Tucson backed march from January of 2012

It was, I think, Barack Obama’s decision to rescue the banks and largely ignore the people that helped to create the political backdrop for Occupy. It was as though Obama’s campaign slogan of 2008, “Yes, we can,” had degenerated into “No, we can’t – at least not for you.” The political backlash this generated from …

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Building the Wall (a Review)

PIcture from the production of the play, showing the two protagonists

Logic is the brick and mortar of Borderlands Theater’s current production, Building the Wall. Only two actors are on stage for the 90 minute show. Fittingly, the pressure this puts both under adds to the tension required for this drama. Gloria, played by T. Loving, is a professor allowed to interview Rick, a maximum security …

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Proposition 101: Yes or No?

The City of Tucson’s initiative to increase city sales tax by 1/2 per cent over the next five years raised serious issues for me. In principle, I usually oppose sales taxes and increases thereof as regressive taxes that hit poor people, most of whose income is applied to subsistence consumption needs to which sales taxes …

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ALERT: Saying “NO” to Monsanto in Pima County

Photo showing Irina Ermakova, a leading scientist at the Russian Academy of Scientists, as she joins the GMO-Free Midwest picket.

Pima County Supervisor Richard Elías is arguing that creating a state-authorized, taxpayer-subsidized “free-trade zone” to bring Monsanto Corporation to Pima County is the wrong kind of economic development for our county not only because of the relatively few people their local operation would employ but also because of their long record of environmental mismanagement and …

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