A recap of recent Occupy Tucson trials

Signs from Occupy Tucson encampment at De Anza: "Occupy Tucson -- All Voices Heard" "Buy Local" "Be The Change"

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Slowly but surely the cases of those charged in relation to Occupy Tucson protests are being brought to trial, giving us a glimpse into how the courts will react to Occupy tactics and in what direction the local Occupy movement might go with its future protests. In one trial, three occupiers were …

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Mainstream Media Ignores Illegal Arrests


OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN On Friday, March 23, Paul Gattone, a lawyer representing members of Occupy Tucson, held a press conference to protest the Tucson Police Department’s recent actions against the occupiers at Veinte de Agosto park downtown. Despite the fact that five occupiers had been arrested two nights before the press conference, and two the …

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