Occupy Wall Street Ten Years On

Picture showing Occupy Wall Street Demonstrators

by Michael Hauser What exactly has the Occupy Wall Street movement come to symbolize from a distance of ten years from its founding? For some, it is seen as a movement that lacked concrete demands, and in which decentralization and an anti-hierarchical sensibility were more important than a coherent political program. For others, it represents …

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Politically Non-Political: The 10th Anniversary of Occupy Tucson (Some Reflections)

Photo from an Occupy Tucson backed march from January of 2012

It was, I think, Barack Obama’s decision to rescue the banks and largely ignore the people that helped to create the political backdrop for Occupy. It was as though Obama’s campaign slogan of 2008, “Yes, we can,” had degenerated into “No, we can’t – at least not for you.” The political backlash this generated from …

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The Shifting Geography of Protest (Redux)

Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Map of Earth

Long ago, and in all four of our print editions, the OTC ran a feature called “The Shifting Geography of Protest: A Global Digest,” in which we listed and summarized all the different areas of the world in which protests had erupted. The feature was inspired by a blog written by the late, distinguished sociologist …

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Do the Protests in France Represent Another Occupy?

Picture of French demonstrator in a yellow vest, wearing a Guy Fawkes mask

Do the mass protests taking place in France in the last few weeks, which have been triggered by the “gilets jaunes” movement, represent (at least on their non-violent side) another Occupy? The answer, in the opinion of our French-speaking European correspondent, Karel Rehor, is both yes (in the movement’s opposition to neo-liberal policies and its …

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The Bisbee Deportation, 1917

Picture of IWW members under armed guard being put on trains

One hundred years ago Bisbee, Arizona, hosted the beginning of the defeat of one of the world’s boldest and most effective labor organizations, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) or Wobblies, when 1186 striking copper mine workers were rounded up, loaded into cattle cars, then dumped in the desert of southwest New Mexico at …

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