Student Activists Vindicated by Mexican-American Studies Court Ruling

Picture of statue of Pancho Villa

In what may be a definitive rebuke of racism “in both enactment and enforcement,” U.S. District Judge A. Wallace Tashima ruled last week that the Arizona law prohibiting courses specifically designed for certain ethnic groups is illegal. In 1998, in the face of dismal graduation rates for minority–and especially Hispanic–students, a panel of education experts …

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Making America Bullshit Again

The rise of Donald Trump is convincing evidence of a moral and philosophical bankruptcy across the Right in the United States today. What is there to say about the litany of bullshit1 we’ve heard from this man since he announced his candidacy on June 16, 2015? That day he announced that Mexico was not a …

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A Lady With A Smile

Uri Avnery at a Hadash rally against the 2006 Lebanon War

IT IS not easy to be an Arab in Israel. It is not easy to be a woman in Arab society. It is not easy to be an Arab in Israeli politics. And even less easy to be an Arab woman in the Knesset. Haneen Zuabi is all these together. Perhaps because of this she …

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Wine, Blood and Gasoline

Uri Avnery at a Hadash rally against the 2006 Lebanon War

KAFR KANNA, a village near Nazareth, is probably the place where Jesus – according to the New Testament – turned water into wine. Now it is the Arab village where the Israeli police is turning stones into blood. On the fateful day, the police was confronting a group of young Arabs protesting against the Israeli …

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Occupy the Inner Self

Comic panel: Woman entering room sees two dead bodies full of bullet holes. Her Speech bubble reads, "Oh no! The 'No Guns' Sign Must Have Fallen Off!". At the bottom it is signed, "Drawn by JKARTAN 2013 for the Gloo Factory inc."

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Disclaimer: The initial text contains what some readers might perceive as racially insensitive statements. Regrettably, that is what apartheid was all about – this writer still feels the hurt. He apologizes to any reader who might be offended by issues presented– such was life under apartheid. Why have gun sales suddenly soared? …

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