Occupy the Inner Self

Comic panel: Woman entering room sees two dead bodies full of bullet holes. Her Speech bubble reads, "Oh no! The 'No Guns' Sign Must Have Fallen Off!". At the bottom it is signed, "Drawn by JKARTAN 2013 for the Gloo Factory inc."

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Disclaimer: The initial text contains what some readers might perceive as racially insensitive statements. Regrettably, that is what apartheid was all about – this writer still feels the hurt. He apologizes to any reader who might be offended by issues presented– such was life under apartheid. Why have gun sales suddenly soared? …

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Peace and Watermelons

Uri Avnery at a Hadash rally against the 2006 Lebanon War

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN One of the most interesting and prolonged private debates I have had in my life was with the brilliant Dr. Nahum Goldmann. The subject: American peace initiatives. It was an unequal debate, of course. Goldmann was my elder by 28 years. While I was a mere editor of an Israeli news magazine, …

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Lawsuit Filed to Block Alabama from “Black Listing” Immigrants

White, graffiti-stylized text on black background reads, "BLAcKLiST"

ACLU Case Is Latest Example of State Attempting to Target and Drive Out Immigrants FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: (212) 549-2666; media@aclu.org MONTGOMERY, Ala. — A coalition of civil rights organizations filed a lawsuit today to block a portion of Alabama’s anti-immigrant law requiring state officials to publicly post an online list of immigrants who may be …

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Report on the Extrajudicial Killing of 120 Black People

Protesters in Baltimore bringing attention to extrajudicial killings

THE REAL NEWS Paul Jay interviews Kalli Akuno: The staggering number of black people killed by police is increasing. Every 36 hours a black person is executed without trial by police, security guards and self-appointed law enforcers. A PDF of the report mentioned in the video can be found here